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macOS Ventura:
4 new productivity toys
macOS Ventura released in the fall of 2022 reinvents a couple of things. With a handful of new tools added to the pack, this release doubles down on productivity. It makes it so easy to play and collaborate. And those Finder windows will never be the same.
Stage manager
A new app that makes it easy to switch between overlapping windows. It’s logical, as we only need one task at a time. That center task takes the main stage, while the rest of the windows are collapsed to the side, until you bring them up in one click.
What’s cool:
How your windows look as miniature snapshots in 3D.
How it helps you:
It’s easy to flip through multiple apps when you’re multitasking.
Did you know?
macOS Ventura’s yellow flower is the same image as on the old Pages icon.
A shared virtual board for collaborating and sketching out ideas. Freeform is a tool for creative heads behind a Mac and promises to be as sleek and yummy as Apple’s other native apps. You can feed it almost any medium, like a document or a video. A must-have for work-from-homers.
What’s cool:
You can draw beautifully even if you can’t.
How it helps you:
Perfect for brainstorming ideas with your team and doodling on the fly.
Other organization tools in macOS Ventura
Mission control
Safari Tab Groups
Optimized Storage
CleanMyMac X
The easiest decluttering app available for  Ventura. CleanMyMac X is ideal for finding hidden junk, scattered file debris, lost and forgotten apps. If your Mac is a bit unsorted, this is your starting point to begin tidying up.
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What’s cool:
You can remove up to 66 
GB of junk from all folders.
How it helps you:
Visualize your junk and see the whole underwater part of your Mac.
Third-party app
“What we love is how easy it is to give your Mac a checkup with CleanMyMac X.”
Apple (Featured Story)
The New Spotlight
In Ventura, Spotlight is something conceptually different. De facto, it’s your second Google. Or rather, Google meets Siri because you can type in Quick Actions, like start me a timer. When Spotlights searches the web, it opens a mini page with the results. But it’s no longer about search. It’s for everything.
What’s cool:
You can search for text inside images.
How it helps you:
Get the results faster, without switching over to Google and getting lost.
macOS Ventura at a glance
20-30 GB
of disk space
Macs from
2017 and later
Focus on
M1/M2 Macs
Installer file
12.5 GB
Min. operating space
20-30 GB
CleanMyMac X
Delete millions of junk files

29 tools for optimization Antivirus and more
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Application is notarized by Apple
in Utilities
Free up extra space for Ventura
A complete toolbox for MacBook
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