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CleanMyMac X is only for Mac but here’s its Windows cousin, CleanMy® PC. It has made millions of PCs around the world speedier. If yours is slow and often crashes, check CleanMy® PC out.
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The ultimate cleaner for macOS Ventura

CleanMyMac X is a lifesaver app for Mac. It deletes 29 types of junk and keeps the macOS running fast and optimized. It’s the first app Mac users install on their computers.

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The new macOS Ventura is the fastest ever. Only if you keep it clean.

You need lots of space — macOS Ventura takes up 35 GB

The System Junk tool shows GBs of useless files across all folders. You can quickly shave off the extra weight from your Mac and make it more efficient.

Refresh all your software in one click

Use the Updater tool to get the latest versions of all apps

Tune your macOS Ventura to the max

Delete relics of past OS and optimize memory usage

How to upgrade to Ventura in 3 steps

Clean up your system

Download CleanMyMac X

Create a Time Machine backup

Open About This Mac > Software Update

Your typical day with CleanMyMac X

25 GB of large unused files

Find large and forgotten files across all folders.

500 MB of app leftovers

Remove parts and pieces of deleted apps.

4.5Х faster boot time

Free up RAM, manage login items to max out the Mac performance.

Optimized for M1/M2 Macs
“We love how easy it is to give your Mac a checkup with CleanMyMac X”
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Thousands of users share the ❤️

Tony Collander

I've been using my MacBook Pro for about 3 years and the SSD drive was almost full. Used #CleanMyMac by @macpaw and I cleared 106,53 GB!

Stockholm, Sweden
Gao Mengbo

CleanMyMac is awesome, totally worth the money. My mac's running silk smooth right now.

Suzhou, China
Alan Lawton

What a massive improvement is #CleanMyMac from @MacPaw! Just cleaned 42.5gb of crap off my MacBook Pro.

Manchester, UK

Nice job MacPaw on CleanMyMac! Best feature: “iTunes Junk” — 500GB+ of crap on my drives gone in under 3 minutes & I feel TRUE FREEDOM!

New York, USA
Jack Bingham

The perfect blend of fun and utility. Quirky sound effects and glossy icons included.

Bath, UK
Chriztian Steinmeier

It's very nice - and I've finally shaved off an enormous chunk of stuff from Mail & iTunes that I wasn't sure of before.

Brabrand, Denmark
Anestis Amanatidis

Using #cleanmymac from @MacPaw feels like touching your face after shaving very carefully.

Utrecht, Netherlands
Sarah Corbett Morgan

It's just what it says: best, simplest Mac clean ever. Well worth the money.

Costa Rica
Andrew Geddes

I love how easy the CleanMyMac 3 UI is. There are so many useless files clogging up memory + CleanMyMac knows where they are!

Belfast, United Kingdom

And it doesn’t just clean. It fixes issues.

Uninstall apps completely

Remove useless applications, along with all leftover files. That will save you tons of space.

Remove malware

Detect and neutralize malware threats: viruses, adware, worms, spyware.

Update applications

Keep your apps up-to-date — get the latest available versions of all installed applications.

Monitor Mac’s health

Keep track of battery health, CPU temperature, and memory pressure.

Free up RAM

Make room for ongoing processes in a click and let your apps breathe freely.

Fix hung apps

Quit frozen apps instantly to get rid of spinning wheels on your Mac’s screen.

CleanMyMac X

macOS Ventura Edition
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